The work the Commission is undertaking builds on years of public input, research and idea generation. Since 2003, twelve major studies or projects have been initiated to evaluate the competitive position of Columbus and the role of arts and culture in economic development.

The most recent forum for this ongoing discussion was at the Columbus 2012 Citizens Summit, a citywide public meeting held on January 29, 2008. It was the largest community meeting ever to take place in the city and featured an interactive program designed to refine the input gathered from all previous events. Over 1,600 participants registered for the summit in advance, and 250 people registered on site.

As the commission starts work on codifying a cultural plan, we draw on all the work that has come before us. We also, open our process to your additional ideas and input.

Our Timeline:
July 2008: The first Commission meeting

August–December 2008: Define an overarching vision and begin a plan outline

December 2008: Share the vision and outline with the community on this website

January–June 2009: Incorporate feedback and write the full plan

Mid 2009: Share the full plan with the community

Late 2009: Begin implementing the plan

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