The Greater Columbus Creative Cultural Commission is composed of arts, community and business leaders who together offer a holistic view of the arts experience in our region. The members include corporate and individual arts patrons, leaders of arts organizations, working artists, education leaders and cultural specialists.
In April 2008, Columbus City Council formed the Greater Columbus Creative Cultural Commission to make recommendations for our region. City Councilís charge to the Commission was straightforward: create an actionable plan for how to support and grow arts and cultural resources and experiences in greater Columbus.

A cultural plan sets an ultimate vision for arts and cultural expression in a region. Then it defines the practical steps needed to realize that vision. Cultural plans define a range of actions that have a direct effect on creative and performing artists, the organizations they work with in, and the larger creative community that supports them. Read more.

In short, it will help Columbus become an increasingly competitive destination—one that's home to world-class arts and cultural experiences and primed for economic expansion and greater quality of life. Read more.

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